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These are the images I have chosen to be framed, and exhibited for the “Move Me” project. I find them engaging, because the people are engaging with each other. There is a connection between them and the legs show this. Besides showing the interaction between these people I also like the fashion element, especially the orange shoes in the bottom image. The middle image has an attractive detail, the black cross in front of the white skirt.

During the project I became more daring when I saw an opportunity. As much as I like candid shots, I also enjoy the interaction with people, and for these front-on images I had to get close. There was no way they would not see me, even though I tried! The girls in the middle image were deep in a conversation when I spotted them from the other side of busy Queen Street. The traffic had just stopped when I saw them, and I ran onto the street and took this image. Then I walked on and continued photographing other legs.

Half an hour later, a girl came up to me and asked me why I had taken a photo of her. I did not recognise her, but I explained what I was doing, and showed her the images I had taken so far. She asked me to go back to her image, so I kept pressing the button wondering, until she said: “there it is!” She was the girl from the bus stop on Queen Street, where I stood in the middle of the road to take the picture. It was a miracle that she found me, because quite some time had passed. She was happy to see I had taken a photograph of her and her friend’s legs. There is more to this story, but for privacy reasons it will not be published here.

The people in the photographs were fine with me photographing their legs. Little did they know that they were going to be framed!



It is amazing to see so many people with their mobile phones or music devices while they are sitting together. There is not much communication going on between them, they are in their own world.

Fashion Designer in the Making


This girl had chosen to wear two different shoes, and the dress she wears was made by the girl herself, her mother told me. I am attracted by the composition, and the combination of the colours and the lines. It will probably not fit in a series, but the sense of stillness, and the spirit of this girl move me.







The man in this image has quite a intimidating stance. In contrast, the woman is wearing, soft, fluffy shoes. Apart from that, of interest to me are the diagonal lines in combination with the vertical lines of the legs, and the contrasty feel and colour between the road surface and the water, with the bright white railing dividing the two.

This image gives a different feel about the relationship of these two people than the top image. I like the triangle shape they are forming, and the baggy trousers.

This couple certainly does not lack colour. It is interesting to see how much colour they are wearing, and I like how you can see through the woman’s coat. I find the people themselves intriguing, I have never seen a man wearing such trousers, but the image is not as strong as I thought it would be when I pressed the shutter.



There are certain challenges in street photography. As I mentioned before, you have to be quick! I saw these girls and I was too quick, so the image is too unsharp to blow up to A3 size. I was also too far off, and I could not run onto the street because of the traffic. I cropped the top image and if you click on the image you will be able to see how the toes of the girl on the right are curled up.

This image I was trying to take quickly before they saw me. Unfortunately, I did not get enough of their bodies in the frame, and they saw me anyway. At that point I was not bold enough to ask if I could take another photo of them.

What a shame, this is such a nice, intimate moment and again, I took this photo too quick, so it is unsharp. Arghhh. With a 135mm zoom lens I have to get reasonably close to the subject, and I am contemplating whether I should buy a 200 or 300mm lens. Either that or buy myself an invisibility cloak!

Another solution would be to ask, and although I like to be inconspicuous, I have done that, and noticed that even legs can become camera shy. It is just not the same. The position of the legs and feet changes, and it becomes less authentic. However, having to come reasonably close, people do spot me, so I explain what I am doing and show them the image. The good thing is that people do not mind, since their face is not on it. One funny moment was when I asked someone: “Can I shoot your legs?”.



The themes that are emerging from this Move Me project are unexpected. As London based street photographer Nick Turpin says on his website : “… the street reveals itself to you through the act of making pictures and as times goes on themes and patterns often emerge in the resulting pictures and as you become aware of these ‘subjects’ you find yourself seeing them more often and actually looking out for them. You end up with a project you didn’t know you wanted.” I could not have said this better. For more inspiring words and images on street photography, check out his website, click on either link in the text above. He also has a blog on “Sevensevennine”.

On their own these images may not be so interesting, but in a series they make much more sense. Except the middle image, which to me tells a story of loneliness. The man may just be waiting for a friend, and may not be lonely at all, but that is the feeling I get. This is enhanced by the idea of prison that I get from all the metal vertical lines that surround him.

I like how each image has an element of colour in it (from top to bottom: yellow, turquoise, green), and also how they show a person from different angles, one from behind, one sitting and from the front and one side on.

Waiting to Cross the Road


What I find interesting about these women is that they each have a different dress style, from the business to the casual look. I like how every image shows one woman, positioned in the middle of the frame, how each woman wears a skirt and carries a bag, and how with every image the feet are placed closer together. The tiles of the pavement are the same style, and the top and bottom image show a similar white line on the road. There is a bit of colour in each image, and I like the flow of each image showing the person a little closer up. I find the bottom image quite cute, with the boots being so wide for the woman’s legs.

These images go well in the top to bottom sequence. I have also looked at placing them next to each other, but from top to bottom works better. They are a small size, and I am planning to print my final three images A3 size, and have them framed, so I will have to see if the top to bottom sequence would still work the best then.

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