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Filtered Landscape



Taken through a car window on a trip through the Netherlands. Not the best photograph ever, but somehow it appeals to me with the bowl shaped clouds, the lines in the grass, the line of bare trees, the sun and the shadows, the faint rainbow, and the strange marks in the sky. Enough reasons to post it on this blog!

Delightful Second Hand Shop


Delightful Second Hand Shop

Found some great treasures here during a stroll around Amsterdam one afternoon.

A Sunny Afternoon Stroll





cow in water

Beautiful Heather


Beautiful Heather

Encounter during a bike ride through the forest. It was stunning and it smelt very nice with the warmth of the sun shining on it all day.

Taken with smartphone.

Wonderful Chaos at Sail Amsterdam


Sail Amsterdam

Postcard from Amsterdam


Postcard from Amsterdam

Abstract in Zaanse Schans


Zaanse Schans


There is more in Zaanse Schans then windmills.

Animals on the move in Amsterdam





Windows of Amsterdam


Windows of Amsterdam
Windows of Amsterdam1
Windows of Amsterdam2
On 30 April 2013 Holland (or the Netherlands as it is officially called) Queen Beatrix will abdicate the throne and her son Prince Willem Alexander will become the new King. He will be the first male on the throne since 1890. The inauguration will take place in Amsterdam and in light of this I chose some images I took in Amsterdam along the canals.

If you have ever visited Holland you will have seen that often the pavement is close to the houses, which enables you to look inside and see how the people live. For most tourists this is quite a new experience.

Dutch Soccer Mania


The national sport in Holland (The Netherlands) is soccer, and the national colour is orange. During the UEFA European Football Championship 2012 (Euro 2012), the Dutch team was well supported as these decorations show. This was only one street, but all over Holland soccer fans were showing their orange support. It is all history now, as they lost in the early rounds. The Spanish team won for the second time in a row, the first team to win two consecutive European Championships, and they are also the reigning World Champions. No mean feat!

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