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Henri Cartier-Bresson


Henri Cartier-Bresson was a French photographer who lived from 22 August 1908 until 3 August 2004. He was one of the founders of modern photojournalism. He has taken photographs all over the world, but for this exhibition I have chosen two of his photos taken in France.

Bresson’s name was mentioned in the film: “Annie Leibovitz Life through a Lens”, where she says that Bresson took photos in a way that was never done before. They were very relaxed and fluid, because of his method to use of a small camera.

Hyères – 1932

The photo Hyères shows flowing lines and symmetry in a street landscape as well as a cyclist, which makes the photo more interesting. I ask myself, where is this man going in a hurry? Is he a police officer? The form of the photo is also an example of good framing and great composition, as only what is necessary is portrayed.

Cartier-Bresson – Sidewalk Café Boulevard Diderot – Paris – no date

I enjoy the atmosphere that is present in cafes and taking photos of the interiors and sometimes of the people visiting. I have included the photo of the couple kissing as this is a wonderful moment in time and great timing by Cartier-Bresson. He pressed the button right on time, with the dog looking at the couple. You cannot ask or wait for these moments, they are a gift. The content of the photo is love. The form is again an example of good framing, not showing the man’s whole left leg and the woman’s chair makes the photo more interesting. The dog looking up at the kissing couple also adds greatly to the atmosphere of the scene.

Bertie Plaatsman – Girl in Café – Berlin 2009

The similarity with Cartier-Bresson’s photo of the couple and this photo is  the café setting as well as the great timing. The girl has just taken her eyes of her book and has a gaze, which makes me wonder what she is thinking about. The darker background of the photo makes the girl with the whiter tones of her clothes, bag and table stand out.

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