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Delightful Second Hand Shop


Delightful Second Hand Shop

Found some great treasures here during a stroll around Amsterdam one afternoon.

Waiting to Cross the Road


What I find interesting about these women is that they each have a different dress style, from the business to the casual look. I like how every image shows one woman, positioned in the middle of the frame, how each woman wears a skirt and carries a bag, and how with every image the feet are placed closer together. The tiles of the pavement are the same style, and the top and bottom image show a similar white line on the road. There is a bit of colour in each image, and I like the flow of each image showing the person a little closer up. I find the bottom image quite cute, with the boots being so wide for the woman’s legs.

These images go well in the top to bottom sequence. I have also looked at placing them next to each other, but from top to bottom works better. They are a small size, and I am planning to print my final three images A3 size, and have them framed, so I will have to see if the top to bottom sequence would still work the best then.

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