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Visiting my friend I was caught by the reflection of her house in the swimming pool. I am attracted by the geometric shapes, the simple colour scheme, and how the slight blurriness of the image gives it a dreamlike feel. The grate of the pool is still partly visible at the bottom of the image, and I purposely did not crop it out. I like how it is the only evidence of this being a pool.

Branching Out


Looking out of my window I was attracted by the intricate play of these branches. This image interests me because of the diagonal lines, the depth of field, and the blue sky. All that is missing are the birds that usually frolic around.



Colour, Line, Pattern and Rhythm

I am thinking of moments that stop you in your tracks and make you look. One such moment was when I was preparing lunch and looked out of the window. I was struck by the beautiful colour contrast of our neighbour’s recently painted orange roof against the blue sky. Not only that, but there was also the sense of something that will always be there. Something steady, unchangeable. The sense was there for a few moments, before common sense kicked in and I thought about the people in Christchurch, where earthquakes destroyed the homes of many people.

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