Rising in Sydney


Rising in Sydney


Delightful Second Hand Shop


Delightful Second Hand Shop

Found some great treasures here during a stroll around Amsterdam one afternoon.

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year

I came across this image in a store window on one of my wanderings through Holland, and think it is encouraging and good advice. After some research I found out that this picture was drawn by Mary Engelbreit, an American graphic artist and children’s book illustrator, and that this is actually a cover from a book.

With this I would like to wish all my blog visitors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for your visits and comments, I appreciate it a lot. I enjoy visiting your blogs as well, please keep your blogging work going!



Almost Christmas


Almost Christmas

Golden Gate Graveyard Has Arrived


This book has been written by Jet Eliot. I have been following her nice and informative blog jeteliot.wordpress.com for a few years now. She is a very good writer and a bird and wildlife watcher, who travels the world and blogs not only about her adventures, but a variety of other things as well. Her blog is well worth a visit, I always learn something new.

Jet Eliot

Golden Gate Bridge Clock Golden Gate Bridge Clock

The time is here!

I am pleased to announce my new mystery novel, Golden Gate Graveyard, is now available for your enjoyment.

Available in paperback and e-book, below are links for convenient internet purchase.  If you prefer to purchase from a bookstore, you can special-order it at your favorite bookstore.

Golden Gate GraveyardClick here to order paperback or e-book at publisher’s store

E-book also available at Amazon.com.

Paperback: $20.00

E-book: $6.99

Briefly, I spent the past three years writing and researching this mystery novel set in San Francisco.  The plot and characters are entirely fiction, interwoven with some of the city’s history and traditions.

Golden Gate Bridge-and-sailboatRead more here for the book description or go to the Books by Jet Eliot tab above.

Next week and in the weeks to follow I will be featuring highlights of San Francisco sites as mentioned in the book, here on my blog.

Alcatraz Alcatraz

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A Sunny Afternoon Stroll





cow in water

Roadtrip USA


Roadtrip USA

Beautiful Heather


Beautiful Heather

Encounter during a bike ride through the forest. It was stunning and it smelt very nice with the warmth of the sun shining on it all day.

Taken with smartphone.

Window shopping


Window Shopping

This window display made my day. It’s so wonderfully soft, light and feminine. Sometimes that is just what you need.

Taken with smartphone.






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