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Three White Men


These three go well with the nice waltz ‘Snowstorm’ by Georgy Sviridov, courtesy of ukhtinka’s Youtube channel.

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Best wishes for a good Christmas and happy holidays!

Here’s to lots of new and wonderful inspirations waltzing into the new year!




Outside of This (Inside of That)


A beautiful golden oldie by Jon & Vangelis from their great album The Friends of Mr Cairo.

Please click here. It may show as video not available, then you can find it on the YouTube Channel of luxorITA.

Outside of This


I was there and then and then
You were there and then and then
We were there the beginning of time

I was there and then and then
You were there and then and then
We are together in time




The grand Grand Canyon



Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

There is a deafening silence at this magnificent and awe-inspiring place.

Even so, I am including a YouTube link to a track from the album “Sacred Spirit II” as I feel this goes well with the images. It seems to play more than one track, I hope you enjoy it.


Luna – Moon


I hope you like this song by Alessandro Safina as much as I do, when I first heard it, it gave me goosebumps. I also enjoyed the video clip, it is well made, and interesting to watch.

Michael Jackson – Blood on the Dance Floor


There is a lot you can say about Michael Jackson and his music. I just like to say that to me he was an incredible dancer who created great music videos and the best live shows. He was not only performing a dance, he was the dance. It was in his blood. The stage set for this video works very well, so do the colourful costumes. Enjoy.

Gotan Project – La Revancha del Tango live


The Gotan Project formed in 1999 and is based in Paris. Their new album “Tango 3.0” will be released worldwide on 19 April 2010, but the Germans have to wait a couple of days more until 23 April 2010.

What I like about this song and video is the slow, stirring rhythm, which builds up and then quickly turns to the slow and stirring rhythm again. The video of the dancers reflects this also and showing the dancers in slow motion  is very effective. There is a restraint in both the music and the dancers, which creates tension, which is what the tango is all about.  The way the content has elements of repetition and multiples makes it more interesting.


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