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Kröller-Müller Museum Sculpture Park (part 2)

Marta Pan, Sculpture flottante, 1960-1961

Marta Pan, Sculpture flottante, 1960-1961

In my post of 20 July 2013, I promised more of my favourite works at the Kröller-Müller Museum Sculpture Park. This Sculpture flottante is eye-catching and I enjoyed watching it as it floated in the water revealing a different shape all the time. To me the reflection of the sculpture in the water becomes part of the sculpture, and is more fragile depending on the amount of ripples the wind makes in the water. It was made by French sculptor Marta Pan. Born in Hungary in 1923, she travelled to Paris in 1947 and took on French nationality in 1952. She not only designed this sculpture, but also the shape of the pond and the design of the park. The nickname for this artwork is “The Swan” and you can see why here: The Swan.

Kenneth Snelson, Needle Tower, 1968

Kenneth Snelson, Needle Tower II, 1968

Kenneth Snelson, Needle Tower II, 1968

Kenneth Snelson, Needle Tower II, 1968

This amazing sculpture by American sculptor and photographer Kenneth Snelson (born 29 June 1927) is made out of aluminium cylinders and stainless steel cable and is 28 metres high. It is fascinating to see how this all holds together, and how high it is! It looks so fragile and looks like it could all collapse in an instant. Apparently, when one cable snaps, it will. The first version of the Needle Tower was built in 1968. It is in Washington and 18m high. On Snelson’s webpage you will find an explanation of tensegrity as well as other information, including his family album with some nice historical images, including one where he repairs Needle Tower II. In this image I deliberately left out the surrounding trees, as I did not want to show any reference points, but show it like it is floating in the air, just like the idea of this artwork.

Wynyard Quarter Exhibition (part 2)


In my post of 2 August 2013, I talked about the exhibition at and about the Wynyard Quarter. The show has now closed, and I am happy to post some images of the work inside the blue container.

A Second Wind

Photos from my book “A Second Wind”, about the coal fired steam tug “The Daldy”, which was also exhibited.

Wynyard Quarter

The two photos on the left were taken by me in the fast-changing Wynyard Quarter. For the first one I was standing on top of one of the old silos and I spotted a young girl holding balloons and wearing a helmet, which seemed quite peculiar. The one next to it is my impression of “The Cloud”, a multi-purpose event venue built in 2011. The two photos on the right were taken by Ruth Ames also in the Wynyard Quarter.

Ruth Ames

These three images are also work by Ruth Ames, who documented the changes happening in Daldy Street.

Sonya Roussina

“Cynthia” is a series by Sonya Roussina, which shows Cynthia, who is a regular visitor to the Wynyard Quarter piano.

Wynyard Quarter Exhibition

Great to see people enjoying our work! For a better look at the images, please visit my website.

Wynyard Quarter Exhibition


Entering and participating in the Waterfront Auckland Photography competition has resulted in a chance to exhibit my work alongside two other participants: Ruth Ames and Sonya Roussina. The Wynyard Quarter is a fast developing area on the Auckland Waterfront and with my interest in documentary photography and combining the present with the past, this is a perfect area for a project. With the help of a very kind man’s historical photographs I created a book called: A Second Wind. It features images of the steam tug “William C. Daldy” (The Daldy in short). The Daldy retired in 1977 after 41 years of service as one of the last coal fired tugs in the world. Now The Daldy operates as a working museum, see The Daldy for more information. Apart from documentary images, we also entered a few standalone images.

The official opening is today and the show is on until 19 August 2013. It was an interesting process setting it all up in a container! For more info please click on: Waterfront News. More images to follow soon.

Wynyard Quarter

Kröller-Müller Museum Sculpture Park


Famous for its extensive collection of Vincent van Gogh’s works, the Kröller-Müller Museum also has an impressive Sculpture Park. I was amazed and inspired by it and this and following posts show some of my favourite works.

Aristide Maillol, L'Air, 1939/1962

Aristide Maillol, L’Air, 1939/1962

I can look at this stunning sculpture again and again, it stays fascinating from whichever angle you look at it. Maillol’s muse Dina Vierny was his model and a woman with an interesting history, as you can read in this article by William Grimes in the New York Times, dated 26 January 2009: Dina Vierny, Artist’s Muse, dies at 89

George Minne, Havenarbeider, 1911

George Minne, Havenarbeider, 1911

A Havenarbeider is a Docker. The remarkable face would have been enough, but would have resulted in a less striking sculpture. The half cut-off body adds to the strenght of this piece. George Minne was a Belgian artist and you can find more information about him on
The J. Paul Getty Museum site:

Opening Night “Connection”


A lot of people visited the opening of group exhibition “Connection”. It was a great evening, and at the end of the night I left with a big, beautiful bunch of flowers. Our hard work has paid off, and who knows we might be back next year at the Auckland Festival of Photography!



Connection – Photography Festival Exhibition


The collaborative exhibition Connection will open on Tuesday, 4 June 2013 from 6-9pm  in the Ironbank in Karangahape Road, Auckland.

Myself and five other photographic artists: Ruth Ames, Sheryl Campbell, Delena Nathuran, Sonya Roussina and Sue Wiggins, will show individual works, including medium format film, mixed media, video, and fine art print.

The exhibition is part of the Auckland Photography Festival and our opening is part of the Festival’s Circuit night, where 11 other galleries are also open, and vans are available to drive people to and from the galleries.

Connection - Exhibition Auckland Photography Festival

Full Basket exhibition


The opening night of the Full Basket exhibition was a big success and has received great feedback! The show is on until Friday, 21 September, at Unitec Mt Albert, Auckland in the Te Po Gallery in Building One.


Bertie Plaatsman – Afloat – 2012

Early arrivals

Full Basket

Full Basket


Exhibition coming up! I had a sneak preview this morning and it looks like it is going to be an exciting show! My image has been used as part of the advertising, and another image by me will be presented in the exhibition. There will be a wide range of work by a wide range of photographers, hence the name “Full Basket”.

“ME and my MUM” at Snowwhite Gallery Unitec


“ME and my MUM” is an exhibition with photographs of Holli McEntegart and paintings by her mum Mandy Thomsett-Taylor. The exhibition runs from 12 April – 7 May 2010.

The title for the series paintings from Mandy Thomsett-Taylor is: “Still Life Curiosity’s and Such”.
Most of the works have bright coloured backgrounds on which a mix of other, complimenting colours have been applied in various forms. The way the paint is moving in various directions is  interesting for the eyes to follow. Thomsett-Taylor used mainly syringes to apply the paint onto the canvas,  a technique also used by Jackson Pollock. It gives the paintings a build-up texture, and a soft feel. She also used various knifes and sometimes a brush.

It is a pleasure to look at these works, it lifts the spirit.

Pohutukawa Tea Pot

Kowhai Spring Plate

The title for the series photographs of Holli McEntegart is: “Shoot low, they’re riding Shetlands”.

Tess's Corner

This photograph gives an intimate feeling because of the portrait photo, the personal belongings and the colouring of the photograph. It is a sweet photograph with a great composition.

Family Room

Again very good composition and colours. The picture of the wild animals and the animal print background mixed with the formal black and white wedding photographs is not a common sight and adds some humour to the photograph.

The Monster of Loch Ness


Besides Shed 6, there are 4 other locations where you can visit the 4th Auckland Triennial “Last Ride in a Hot Air Balloon”. The Auckland Art Gallery is one of them and showcases the work of the majority of the artists involved. Gerard Byrne‘s installation is called “Case Study: Loch Ness (some possibilities and problems)” about the monster of Loch Ness. Gerard is from Dublin, Ireland and started his research in 2001 and it is still ongoing. It was interesting to me because he uses a combination of photographs, film footage and a tree trunk. Besides, I have been to Loch Ness and I like a good mystery.
Pins are stuck in the tree trunk at various places in the “date lines”. There is a copy of the outline of the tree trunk on the wall and the pins in the tree trunk correspond with written descriptions of people that claimed to have seen “Nessie”. The written descriptions include the year the eye-witnesses saw the monster. The first sighting was in 1527, with the pin right in the  middle of the trunk and the last one was in 1963. The most sightings were in the 1930’s. The subject matter is a mystery, there is a whole lot of information about it, which makes for good content, but noone knows whether there really was a creature in Loch Ness.

For this and more work of Gerard Byrne (born 1969), please click here. Please note that there is another artist called Gerard Byrne who also lives in Dublin, he is a self-taught painter born in 1958. You may like to check him out as well.

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