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Wonderful Shopwindow


On my travels I enjoy looking at shop windows. They can tell a lot about the area. This one was in Geyer, a little town in Germany, which recently celebrated (with a Medieval Festival) that 550 years ago it had officially become a town.


Misty Beach


Yosemite playground


Rising in Sydney


Rising in Sydney

Of Roofs and Terraces – Florence


of Roofs and Terraces - Florence



Graphical New Zealand



Martha Goldmine, Waihi, New Zealand


Whangamata, New Zealand

Old and New




San FranciscoSan Francisco

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! May it be peaceful and inspiring!

San Francisco with Contrast


San Fran with Contrast

San Fran with Contrast1

San Fran with Contrast2

Where is the menu?


In an alleyway, just off Dam Square in Amsterdam, you will find Van Kerkwijk Cafe Restaurant. It is a great place to eat if you are looking for some delicious food and a nice and friendly atmosphere.

Van Kerkwijk

Sisters Myra and Rhya will take good care of you with their hospitality, and have done so for the past 16 years. They have many returning customers, a few of them were there when I visited.

Van Kerkwijk

You do not need to be put off by the fact that there is no menu, because there is! Myra will present the scrumptious options at your table and does not mind repeating them!

Van Kerkwijk
The building came with its very own guardian angel. Outside at first, it is now sitting snuggly near the window.

Van Kerkwijk

I enjoy combining current and historical images in my work, so I could not resist asking Myra (left) and Rhya to pose with their lovely photo of some years ago. Many thanks to them for saying yes and for a great experience!

La Boqueria market in Barcelona


La Boqueria
La Boqueria
La Boqueria
La Boqueria
La Boqueria
Years ago I visited the La Boqueria market in Barcelona. The recommended length of visit is one to two hours, which says something about the scale of this market. The official name is Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, it is situated on the Rambla and has a long history.  I had a great time looking at the great variety of the, sometimes unfamiliar, items on sale, and tasting some.

Photos are taken with a Canon Powershot S50.

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