A Bike Ride through Dune Wonderland


A few images as a memory of some great bike rides I did this year. More to follow in the new year. I did not bring my heavy camera, but tried out only using my mobile phone. Although not quite the same, it is handy, smaller and above all lighter!

Thanks to everyone visiting and following my blog, and for your comments this year.

Wishing you all the best for a good and colourful 2020! Keep being inspired and inspiring.


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10 Responses to “A Bike Ride through Dune Wonderland”

  1. Resa Says:

    Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and these are lovely shots…especially those creatures that look like bulls!!!

  2. w.e. Says:


  3. denisebushphoto Says:

    Nice captures! Happy New Year!

  4. Jet Eliot Says:

    All three images were a delight, Bertie. The vast expanse of the countryside a proprietary cattle, the peaceful dunr photo, and the thriving fungus full of color. Thank you for sharing your beautiful bike rides and may you have many more in the new year. Happy New Year to you!

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