Taken with mobile phone on a lovely bushwalk. Delighted to find the silver fern’s koru, which signifies ‘new life and growth’, and the face with the cicada nymph exoskeleton as a tattoo!

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4 Responses to “Bushwalk”

  1. denisebushphoto Says:

    Cool finds and images … thanks for sharing your bushwalk!

    • crea2010 Says:

      Thanks for stopping by and you kind comment Denise! Yes, it was a nice walk and it’s always nice to find something interesting.

  2. Jet Eliot Says:

    I really enjoyed this bushwalk, Bertie, the silver fern and the forest. And that fungus face on the tree is so very cool, with the cicada exoskeleton dangling on its third eye. Thanks for taking us along.

    • crea2010 Says:

      Thank you Jet, glad you liked the walk. Yes, the third eye, thanks for pointing that out. It was a very nice walk and I like ‘art’ faces, and to find this one in the forest was unexpected and it made me smile.

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