I thought I would start the new year with some handicraft. It’s something that inspires me and I’m planning to do this year, hoping to be able to combine it with my photography in some way.



These images were shot in Geyer, a small town in Saxony, Germany. There was a medieval festival the day I visited to celebrate that Geyer had been a town already for 550 years. It was an unexpected and fun morning! And now I’m off to my crochet workshop……

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6 Responses to “Handicraft”

  1. denisebushphoto Says:

    That’s great! I just took up knitting again after not doing it for many years! I needed to add to my ‘things I like to do’ list. I thought about crocheting but I don’t have as much experience with it. I made a hat and it turned out … I was surprised! I like the photos here!

    • crea2010 Says:

      Nice to have you visit Denise! Knitting, crocheting it’s all fun and can be a bit meditative as well. Good to have these skills, especially in winter!

  2. Resa Says:

    I really enjoy crocheting! It’s relaxing, and doesn’t require as much focus as knitting. I used to make some beautiful doilies, table runners and shawls. It is another dying craft.
    So, I found leftover curtain border lace at a big sale. It’s like a fake crochet. I’ve been repurposing it for my next Art Gown!

    • crea2010 Says:

      Good to ‘see’ you and that you like crocheting Resa! The workshop was fun and it is indeed relaxing, no idea you could make so many things with it, including clothing. Thank you for your visit and comment. I am very much looking forward to your next creation, your Art Gowns are really great!

  3. Jet Eliot Says:

    Wow, a town for 550 years, now that is something to celebrate. I liked the images here, Bertie, you always have an eye for curious and beautiful items. I love the beautiful handmade lace and crochets, and the unusual window of window art.

    • crea2010 Says:

      Hi Jet! Thank you for your feedback, I am glad you love the handicraft and window art as well 🙂 It was a lovely and surprising way to spend a bit of time there.

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