Sky awesome!

When I was climbing the mount in Mt Maunganui, New Zealand, the sky was awesome! It reminded me of the song Jacob’s Ladder by Rush.

‘The clouds prepare for battle
In the dark and brooding silence
Bruised and sullen storm clouds
Have the light of day obscured…’


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8 Responses to “Sky awesome!”

  1. bilere Says:

    I love also to make pictures of sky. I like yours! 🙂 bilere

    • crea2010 Says:

      Danke vielmals Bilere! More and more I find myself taking pictures of the sky, it’s so beautiful and fascinating. Thank you for your visit and nice comment!

  2. kuldeepsingh1910 Says:

    U r good auther of nature

  3. Jet Eliot Says:

    I find it very exciting to hike under skies like this. Wonderful vista, and sky, and photo, Bertie.

  4. denisebushphoto Says:

    Excellent. I have been doing some twilight and night photography lately and am keeping my eyes open for silhouettes agains the sky just like this.

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