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San Francisco Alleyway



San Francisco alleyway

San Francisco alleyway1

San Francisco alleyway2


While in San Francisco I went to various parts of town, and this series was taken in Chinatown. As your eye does not automatically gets drawn to it, I like to point out the white chair on the left of the top two images. Is that what I think it is?….

Appreciating Lisa Larsen


Fans in a Flashbulb is a great blog site. Here is an example of one of their posts, this time about photographer Lisa Larsen who seemed a very interesting woman.

Fans in a Flashbulb


Alfred Eisenstaedt, [Lisa Larsen], ca. 1953 (2008.4.316)

When people think of LIFE’s pioneering female photographers, usually it’s Margaret Bourke White who springs to mind. But much can be said for Lisa Larsen (1925-1959), who photographed a wide array of subjects for the pages of LIFE. Larsen was born in Germany and moved to the United States as a teenager. She started out as a picture file clerk at Black Star, but soon progressed to freelance photojournalism for many publications, including Vogue, The New York Times, Parade, Glamour, Charm, Holiday, and LIFE. After 1948, the bulk of Larsen’s photojournalism was contract work for LIFE. In the beginning she was assigned mainly entertainment and fashion stories, such as photographing the Vanderbilt family, Kennedy family, Bing Crosby, and the Duke of Windsor as well as the Greenbriar Hotel. Mrs. Vanderbilt once told Larsen to…

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