There are certain challenges in street photography. As I mentioned before, you have to be quick! I saw these girls and I was too quick, so the image is too unsharp to blow up to A3 size. I was also too far off, and I could not run onto the street because of the traffic. I cropped the top image and if you click on the image you will be able to see how the toes of the girl on the right are curled up.

This image I was trying to take quickly before they saw me. Unfortunately, I did not get enough of their bodies in the frame, and they saw me anyway. At that point I was not bold enough to ask if I could take another photo of them.

What a shame, this is such a nice, intimate moment and again, I took this photo too quick, so it is unsharp. Arghhh. With a 135mm zoom lens I have to get reasonably close to the subject, and I am contemplating whether I should buy a 200 or 300mm lens. Either that or buy myself an invisibility cloak!

Another solution would be to ask, and although I like to be inconspicuous, I have done that, and noticed that even legs can become camera shy. It is just not the same. The position of the legs and feet changes, and it becomes less authentic. However, having to come reasonably close, people do spot me, so I explain what I am doing and show them the image. The good thing is that people do not mind, since their face is not on it. One funny moment was when I asked someone: “Can I shoot your legs?”.

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