Crossed Feet

 With street photography you cannot be systematic, you have to photograph anything interesting that catches your eye, and quick too, otherwise the moment is gone. Having said that, it is good to have a focus, and my focus is photographing legs in the streets of Auckland. I really enjoy this way of exploring, as what comes in front of my camera is always surprising and unexpected. I start off with a general idea of where I want to go and then just let it happen. For this project I went to Queen Street and surroundings in Auckland, including the Wynyard Quarter, as there are a lot of people, zebra crossings, bus stops and benches around.

In this series of three, it is interesting to see how some people have their feet crossed when they are waiting to cross the road. My favourite image out of this series is the top one, not only because of the colours, but also because of the fascinating way the feet are crossed. I have tried out to stand like that, and found it quite uncomfortable.

Notice that, in the middle image, the man with the crossed feet does not show his hands.

I cropped the bottom image and it gives a cleaner look, there is no distraction caused by the bright pink bag and the foot with the white shoe. At this stage I am undecided as to which image I prefer. Usually, I go for the cleaner look, but I find that in the uncropped, original image, the bright colour of the pink bag takes my eye to the man with the crossed feet. With the cropped image, my eye rests too long on the woman in the middle, then moves to the man on the left, and only then I see the man with the crossed feet. It is a subtle difference, and another argument for the cleaner looking, cropped image would be that it fits better in this series, as the other two images are also uncluttered.

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