Welcome to the “Great Moments in Time” exhibition

My name is Bertie Plaatsman and I am the curator of this “Great Moments in Time” exhibition.

One of my interests is documentary photography and making ordinary objects and situations in our everyday life visible.  Including those little things that go unnoticed until they are missing or until someone points them out to us. Photography is the perfect media to document moments in time and photographers have done this since the birth of photography, in 1827.

My intent with this exhibition is, besides showing you beautiful photographs, to make you aware of the ordinary things in life and how they can become extraordinary. I will endeavour to do this by talking about these works and artists in terms of context, subject matter, content and form. I have chosen photographers who were all born in a similar time period, the beginning of the 20th century and they all operate within the context of the everyday and documentary photography. Their work on show is from 1930’s and the 1950’s and depicts street scenes in France and New York. I chose these photographers because they are informing my work now and examples of this are included in the exhibition.

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