“ME and my MUM” at Snowwhite Gallery Unitec

“ME and my MUM” is an exhibition with photographs of Holli McEntegart and paintings by her mum Mandy Thomsett-Taylor. The exhibition runs from 12 April – 7 May 2010.

The title for the series paintings from Mandy Thomsett-Taylor is: “Still Life Curiosity’s and Such”.
Most of the works have bright coloured backgrounds on which a mix of other, complimenting colours have been applied in various forms. The way the paint is moving in various directions is  interesting for the eyes to follow. Thomsett-Taylor used mainly syringes to apply the paint onto the canvas,  a technique also used by Jackson Pollock. It gives the paintings a build-up texture, and a soft feel. She also used various knifes and sometimes a brush.

It is a pleasure to look at these works, it lifts the spirit.

Pohutukawa Tea Pot

Kowhai Spring Plate

The title for the series photographs of Holli McEntegart is: “Shoot low, they’re riding Shetlands”.

Tess's Corner

This photograph gives an intimate feeling because of the portrait photo, the personal belongings and the colouring of the photograph. It is a sweet photograph with a great composition.

Family Room

Again very good composition and colours. The picture of the wild animals and the animal print background mixed with the formal black and white wedding photographs is not a common sight and adds some humour to the photograph.

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