The Monster of Loch Ness

Besides Shed 6, there are 4 other locations where you can visit the 4th Auckland Triennial “Last Ride in a Hot Air Balloon”. The Auckland Art Gallery is one of them and showcases the work of the majority of the artists involved. Gerard Byrne‘s installation is called “Case Study: Loch Ness (some possibilities and problems)” about the monster of Loch Ness. Gerard is from Dublin, Ireland and started his research in 2001 and it is still ongoing. It was interesting to me because he uses a combination of photographs, film footage and a tree trunk. Besides, I have been to Loch Ness and I like a good mystery.
Pins are stuck in the tree trunk at various places in the “date lines”. There is a copy of the outline of the tree trunk on the wall and the pins in the tree trunk correspond with written descriptions of people that claimed to have seen “Nessie”. The written descriptions include the year the eye-witnesses saw the monster. The first sighting was in 1527, with the pin right in the  middle of the trunk and the last one was in 1963. The most sightings were in the 1930’s. The subject matter is a mystery, there is a whole lot of information about it, which makes for good content, but noone knows whether there really was a creature in Loch Ness.

For this and more work of Gerard Byrne (born 1969), please click here. Please note that there is another artist called Gerard Byrne who also lives in Dublin, he is a self-taught painter born in 1958. You may like to check him out as well.

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