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“ME and my MUM” at Snowwhite Gallery Unitec


“ME and my MUM” is an exhibition with photographs of Holli McEntegart and paintings by her mum Mandy Thomsett-Taylor. The exhibition runs from 12 April – 7 May 2010.

The title for the series paintings from Mandy Thomsett-Taylor is: “Still Life Curiosity’s and Such”.
Most of the works have bright coloured backgrounds on which a mix of other, complimenting colours have been applied in various forms. The way the paint is moving in various directions is  interesting for the eyes to follow. Thomsett-Taylor used mainly syringes to apply the paint onto the canvas,  a technique also used by Jackson Pollock. It gives the paintings a build-up texture, and a soft feel. She also used various knifes and sometimes a brush.

It is a pleasure to look at these works, it lifts the spirit.

Pohutukawa Tea Pot

Kowhai Spring Plate

The title for the series photographs of Holli McEntegart is: “Shoot low, they’re riding Shetlands”.

Tess's Corner

This photograph gives an intimate feeling because of the portrait photo, the personal belongings and the colouring of the photograph. It is a sweet photograph with a great composition.

Family Room

Again very good composition and colours. The picture of the wild animals and the animal print background mixed with the formal black and white wedding photographs is not a common sight and adds some humour to the photograph.

Gotan Project – La Revancha del Tango live


The Gotan Project formed in 1999 and is based in Paris. Their new album “Tango 3.0” will be released worldwide on 19 April 2010, but the Germans have to wait a couple of days more until 23 April 2010.

What I like about this song and video is the slow, stirring rhythm, which builds up and then quickly turns to the slow and stirring rhythm again. The video of the dancers reflects this also and showing the dancers in slow motion  is very effective. There is a restraint in both the music and the dancers, which creates tension, which is what the tango is all about.  The way the content has elements of repetition and multiples makes it more interesting.




“Begin with ideas
Embrace chance
Celebrate coincidence
Ad-lib and make things up
Eliminate superfluous elements
Subvert expectation
Make something difficult look easy
Be first or last
Believe complex ideas can produce simple things
Trust the process
Allow concepts to determine form
Reduce material and production to their essence
Sustain the integrity of an idea
Propose honesty as a solution”

By: artist and designer Daniel Eatock

I chose this poem because I find it inspiring.
Daniel Eatock (1975) lives and works in England. I find his work humorous and original. He is very observant of things in “every day life” that usually go unnoticed, let alone get explored, and this inspires him to make art and projects of it.

An example of this is his project “Camera straps” (which is only “every day life” for people who photograph) where he has invited people to photograph the strap attached to their camera (like a dog chasing its own tail) and email it to him. He will then publish the photo on his website: We all know how this accidentally happens sometimes , you get your camera out and have a nice shot in your frame and then ….. the strap is in there too!

His “Display Book Shelf” maybe an idea for the Product Design students who are working on producing a shelf at the moment:

MDF shelf, 6 feet long, 1 foot wide, 3/4 inch thick, resting on two metal brackets displaying books borrowed from Belk Library. The shelf sags under the weight of its contents in a graceful arc, the top edges of all the books are perfectly flush as a result of a conscious selection of volumes chosen to accommodate (or compensate for) the arc of the sagging shelf.


Foodism in Amsterdam


Walking around Amsterdam in 2009 I saw this couple clearly enjoying themselves on a sunny day and was able to quickly take a photo. I like street photography and this groovy scene works very well, the colours are bright, the animated conversation, the hair and bare feet of the woman (which is not common in Holland), the colour of her dress, her coloured bag lying on the floor, the green shawl on the man’s head, and the sign “Sorry we’re Open”. The great name of the small restaurant: “Foodism” is an added bonus.  On their website, the restaurant offers some nice recipies and if you are interested please click here. Enjoy!

The Monster of Loch Ness


Besides Shed 6, there are 4 other locations where you can visit the 4th Auckland Triennial “Last Ride in a Hot Air Balloon”. The Auckland Art Gallery is one of them and showcases the work of the majority of the artists involved. Gerard Byrne‘s installation is called “Case Study: Loch Ness (some possibilities and problems)” about the monster of Loch Ness. Gerard is from Dublin, Ireland and started his research in 2001 and it is still ongoing. It was interesting to me because he uses a combination of photographs, film footage and a tree trunk. Besides, I have been to Loch Ness and I like a good mystery.
Pins are stuck in the tree trunk at various places in the “date lines”. There is a copy of the outline of the tree trunk on the wall and the pins in the tree trunk correspond with written descriptions of people that claimed to have seen “Nessie”. The written descriptions include the year the eye-witnesses saw the monster. The first sighting was in 1527, with the pin right in the  middle of the trunk and the last one was in 1963. The most sightings were in the 1930’s. The subject matter is a mystery, there is a whole lot of information about it, which makes for good content, but noone knows whether there really was a creature in Loch Ness.

For this and more work of Gerard Byrne (born 1969), please click here. Please note that there is another artist called Gerard Byrne who also lives in Dublin, he is a self-taught painter born in 1958. You may like to check him out as well.

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