Auckland Triennial

One of the locations for the Auckland Triennial is “Shed 6”, 90 Wellesley Street West. They are open Mon-Fri 10am-4pm and Sat and Sun 10am-3pm and the entry is free. The artists in this exhibition are: Tove Storch from Denmark, Alex Monteith from Auckland (born in Ireland), Mahmoud Bakhshi from Iran, Tom Nicholson from Australia and Richard Bell also from Australia.

I went to visit and unfortunately, the 2 most interesting installations did not work. From Alex Monteith’s 4-channel video installation, only 1 channel worked and so basically the point was lost. The other one I thought would be interesting was the installation with tin plate cylinders and rotating speakers by Mahmoud Bakhshi. I was told that the artwork had gone missing at the wharf and that it only turned up 2 days ago. That the artist only had a short-term visa and had left New Zealand and that there was a problem with the instructions.

I am sure they are working hard to have it in order as soon as possible, but maybe wait a little while with visiting Shed 6. From the other artworks I was most intrigued by Tove Storches sculptures. There are 5 in total, 3 uninteresting big black rock-like structures, but 2 of them are more interesting and somewhat obscure. They are large showcases and you can see that there is something inside (a form, a headless creature), but you cannot see what it is. It reminds me of Star Trek.

2 Responses to “Auckland Triennial”

  1. Toni MacKinnon Says:

    Good to see you out and about.
    Check out the other sites for example St Paul st. and the New Gallery.
    There are some great exhibits in the show.
    Good to see we have the right connection now. Thanks for checking (I had used a small c not a big C)

  2. Lydia Visser Says:

    Interesting to read this blog Bertie. The topics you are exploring are interesting to me. I’d like to see some more of your photography and perhaps you’ll send me an email with them when you get the chance. xxxLydia

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