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Auckland Triennial


One of the locations for the Auckland Triennial is “Shed 6”, 90 Wellesley Street West. They are open Mon-Fri 10am-4pm and Sat and Sun 10am-3pm and the entry is free. The artists in this exhibition are: Tove Storch from Denmark, Alex Monteith from Auckland (born in Ireland), Mahmoud Bakhshi from Iran, Tom Nicholson from Australia and Richard Bell also from Australia.

I went to visit and unfortunately, the 2 most interesting installations did not work. From Alex Monteith’s 4-channel video installation, only 1 channel worked and so basically the point was lost. The other one I thought would be interesting was the installation with tin plate cylinders and rotating speakers by Mahmoud Bakhshi. I was told that the artwork had gone missing at the wharf and that it only turned up 2 days ago. That the artist only had a short-term visa and had left New Zealand and that there was a problem with the instructions.

I am sure they are working hard to have it in order as soon as possible, but maybe wait a little while with visiting Shed 6. From the other artworks I was most intrigued by Tove Storches sculptures. There are 5 in total, 3 uninteresting big black rock-like structures, but 2 of them are more interesting and somewhat obscure. They are large showcases and you can see that there is something inside (a form, a headless creature), but you cannot see what it is. It reminds me of Star Trek.

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